There’s something so beautiful about flowers. Nothing makes you more aware of living in the present than the life cycle of a single flower and stem..



Why Blend was born... 

I have always had a love affair with flowers. Growing up it was fate that I fell into floristry. There’s something so beautiful and time dependent, nothing makes you more aware of living in the present than the life cycle of a flower, watching it grow, blossom, fade and fall, learning to love and appreciate the strength and power of each stem.

Witnessing the great royal wedding between Charles and Diana, watching in wide-eyed wonder at all the details fused my passion further and I became immensely interested in weddings too. I used to listen out for the church bells when they rang, knowing that somewhere some lucky union was being celebrated beneath falling confetti. 

At 17, I left my first ever job with the words ‘I don’t think you’re cut out for office life’ ringing through my ears. The lure of independence and social scenes caused me to skip further education and without too much thought I landed a job in a local flower shop. This was a blessing. 

I immediately fell in love with it. I adored the smell, learning about all the flower types and their names and this little shop, in a very small town, taught me everything I needed to know about customer service

However, my need to keep trying new avenues took me to all sorts of jobs and world-wide places; legal secretary, retail, business management, event management, I even trialled beauty therapy. But at every stage of my life and after a plethora of experiences I returned to flowers. Each time learning valuable lessons. I committed myself to study floral design so I could be both professionally and bench trained. 

Later in life, I awakened my passion for designing events and sourcing beautiful things that would evoke emotion. Paired with my floristry, I had found my forte and the perfect blend of what I do. 

I’m hard working and I always deliver, I’ll put in hour after hour to get it perfect. Above all, I truly care about the quality and bringing the essence of my clients and customers into all that I do.

I specialise in the creation of florals and events with an incredible ambience and an abundance of love. My work is centred in lovely Lancashire from the heart-felt historical town of Rossendale and the rural landscapes of the Ribble Valley to the county’s bustling’s cities.

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For those who wish to work with me in some way, I would like to get to know you and to reflect your story, designing a beautifully bespoke event that tells your tale in a way that is personal to you.  I guarantee my professionalism, but above all, my passion. I deliver events big and small that are efficient, emotive, on budget and truly enchanting in every way.

Whether you’re after full styling or simply creating a mood board and helping you to pull together the perfect vision, the price will depend on the scope of the styling required.  I can discuss investment in more detail with you at an initial meeting and I also offer payment plans and financial management to help you manage your budget effectively.

I would love to partner with you and find out more about your project and how we can create something truly spectacular and special. Click below to make an appointment or get in touch.


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