Winter styling trends to fall in love with this season 

Entertaining is the new going out and so homeowners everywhere are turning thoughts towards styling their home for the Christmas period. 

I have the greatest pleasure of unveiling some festive creative inspiration at an upcoming event. Guests will be able to create stunning settings suited to each room, steal the style and pick up some top tips from myself and interiors and soft furnishing expert, Vicky Callan. 

The best part of winter styling for me, is that there is something for each individual’s taste. From statement looks to subtle accents, the event will cover a number of key trends based around three unique settings, allowing people to lift elements they love for their own home. 

Setting one: Winter earth 

Highlighting organic and rustic elements including natural and fur textures, raw materials and earthy tones creates a hub for the season in the kitchen. To achieve the look, tables are kept simple and uncluttered but feature homely tableware for a non formal ready-to-use feel. White porcelain with metallic edged plates are complimented with dark mugs and bowls. Whites are used to act in stark contrast to the earthy tones, while rustic foliage placed in the centre of the table offers and alternative to fabric table runners.

The beauty of this type of setting is that it can remain in situ all-year round but with additions for Christmas, Easter and Harvest. 

I’ll be showing attendees how to add inexpensive festive spirit using everyday foods, florals and materials too.

Setting two: The perfect table 

Having a theme with a definitive colour scheme refines a table and gives an elegant and extra special feel. Our seasonal table setting will showcase how to use subtle colours and this year’s key interior trend, organic and natural. 

It’s sentiment is all about working with what’s around us naturally and being inspired by our surroundings. Think tonal greens, natural branches, brushed gold accents, hand-torn silk and organic fibre linens, they all work beautifully to give a table an unfussy but interesting feel. 

I often find that people buy overly-festive tableware and then struggle to utilise it the rest of the year so I’ll be focusing on bringing in the detail without the waste. 

Using staple plates, cutlery and glassware can easily convert to a different time of year, especially if they are decorated with flowers and foliages that change throughout the seasons. I can’t wait to show how creative you can be with my love of floristry.

Place settings can really demonstrate your own unique style. Adding layers of interest while being considerate to the space available is key. I’ll be explaining how you can opt for form and uniform with bespoke name cards and napkins but offer varying heights of objects, such as floral risers and candles, to capture your diners’ attention.

Setting three: Midnight tones 

Midnight tones with moody blues and luxe colour pops have grown in popularity. This look lends itself beautifully to Christmas due to its festive pigments and warmth too.

From dark midnight to lighter icy blues, rich crimsons and jewel-like greens this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to in-still a little excitement in the living and lounging areas.

Shimmering metallics look stunning against a darker, atmospheric backdrop and I’ll be looking at using props incorporating stylish glassware, shakers and decanters. I’ll also be looking at lighting and its ability to add warmth and sparkle. 

In addition to unearthing the very best styling tips of the season and taking away a toolkit of options, event attendees will be able to purchase some hand-made items including my whimsical wreaths. 

I am really looking forward to sharing some elements of what I do with you. 

There are limited tickets available to this free Winter styling event but to grab the ones that remain click here.

Christmas wreaths by Donna Carley