Why hire a wedding event stylist?

You are getting married, huge congratulations…

Planning a wedding is the best job in the world right? Well for some, it can be
overwhelmingly difficult, while others have magical ideas but just not the know-how to
bring them to life.

That’s where wedding event stylists can really shine. Without wanting to turn the wedding
industry on its head, I get a little frustrated with the standard room dressings, lack of table
decor and ‘one size fits all’ model. At Blend, it’s about understanding that no two brides
are the same and every couple are unique. I love nothing more than helping curate a
vision to tell your story so you have a picture-perfect day and memories that last a lifetime.
Here, I answer the most common questions you may have about enlisting the help of a

Why should I hire a wedding stylist?
A good wedding stylist will have the knowledge, the experience and the contacts to curate
the most beautiful day to match your brief. Providing support, style advice and a little
black book of all things bridal, a talented stylist will become your speed-dial staple, whilst
planning your wedding.

What are the advantages?
You, as a couple, are the absolute focus of the service. I firmly believe that ready-made
style packages are a ‘no no’ and instead I will help compose your signature style, evoke
emotion and create a beautiful event to mirror your personalities.

Another benefit of working with a stylist is that the level of vision is bespoke. You may have
no clue where to start and require a full styling service where every element of the day is
designed for you, from florals to forks and grandeur to glasses. Alternatively, you could
have some imaginative plans but require the skill-set to ensure the overall look is

Blend by Donna Carley is experienced in transforming an empty space while delivering
and dismantling so you can concentrate on having the best day of your lives.
We want our wedding to feel personal to us and are concerned a stylist won’t do things our way
It is paramount to me that your wedding is personal to you and I take time to truly get to
know my couples so that I can deliver a very personal and special event that reflects your
story and not just beautiful styling. We are very much a partnership working together side
by side throughout.

Are wedding stylists not just for couples who want a lavish celebration?
Curated colour palettes with accents and hues, textured linen and luxury tablescapes aren’t
just demanded by those who like to splash the cash. Whether your wish is for an intimate ceremony in the country or a high-end celebration in the city, I approach each client by first
identifying their goals and wishes.

We are working to a strict budget so can’t afford the extravagance of a wedding stylist
Rest assured that I will always work to your budget and take time to shop around and
negotiate prices on your behalf. A great stylist can actually save you money, come up with
creative solutions and find ways to recreate an effect at a fraction of the price. I would love
to discuss your budget issues and come up with innovative ways to work to this and even
offer payment plans myself to help spread the cost.

To discover more about the services on offer at Blend by Donna Carley, click here or
contact me. I would love to help create your dream day.

Donna Baldwin