Introducing colour into your wedding.

Each individual has their own taste when it comes to colours and no option works for every bride and groom. However, having an idea of the colour palettes you are drawn to makes styling less formal and more organic.

I’m not a fan of sticking to seasonal colour palettes and am instead inspired by the natural hues we see in nature, modern art and fashion every day. Each year, Pantone announces a colour of the year and it has a huge impact on trends around the globe, including the wedding industry.

The 2018 colour of the year is a vibrant Ultraviolet hue. If you are struggling for inspiration, here are a few pointers on ways in which to introduce this stunning shade into your picture-perfect day. 

Firstly, you can create an unexpected, yet beautiful combination of jewel toned purples and lighter, organic elements which look stunning against natural backdrops. This perfectly complements a whimsical, bohemian or eclectic styled wedding and is good choice for woodland weddings too.

The colour also provides a stellar starting point for a luxe modern wedding vibe. Add subtle metallics such as gold or silvers to create sparkle and elegance.

The colour purple is known to have a calming effect on the mind, so what better way to bring it into your wedding than through opulent purple bridesmaid gowns so the de-stressing factor will always be with you on your big day.

Let’s not forget a bold and bright wedding for unapologetic colour lovers. Team the ultraviolet with wow-like teal, pops of pink and golden yellows. Match the palette with bold table styling, funky graphics and unique florals to uplift your guests. The creation of such a happy and bright atmosphere will encourage people to dance and celebrate into the night.

Neon purple provides a mood enhancing tone for evening or winter weddings too. The use of differing shades of purple flicker with such sophistication against dusk and candlelight. Keeping other details minimal and focusing on the florals here can really create a cohesive and chic appearance. Adorn tables, walls and mantle pieces with deep botanical greens to dramatise the neon purple.

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Donna Baldwin