10 reasons to fall in love with Valentine’s Day

Appreciate that celebrating Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. I’m aware it has been commercialised and lots of people are left open-jawed “really do roses cost that much?” However, I do have a little soft spot for the day of St Valentine so here’s my ten reasons to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

1 It’s a major opportunity to enjoy a guilt-free night of lavish food, wine and chocolates. Need I say more?

2 With the amount of inspo at our fingertips on social media platforms you can make it brilliant without breaking the budget.

3. Love inspires creativity and I for one love creating bespoke floral displays that are designed for each individual. It proves Valentine’s doesn’t have to be red. If your other half has a real love of pastels or exquisite foliage then be sure to cater to their tastes. 

4. There’s been an increase in Valentines weddings and this brings with it some stunning themes, designs and floristry. For me, discovering new ways to communicate love and commitment on this special day is a delight.

5. Valentine’s Day can actually challenge the traditions of the past and be enjoyed by everyone. I’ve styled a number of tablescapes for family Valentine’s dinner parties and delivered bunches of florals to a besties in need of a big flowery hug.

6. There’s an opportunity to put your table setting skills in to practice from lighting a single candlestick on lovely linen to an elaborate table with a designer rose centrepiece. We are of the over-sharing generation too so be prepared to see a host of dining tables in your news feeds. 

7. The kids love the buzz too. My teenager is growing evermore suspicious that the scribbly handwriting in his anonymous card does actually belong to his mum but for now Sssssh! 

8. It’s just for one day and so you haven't got to decorate the whole house and deal with putting it all away again afterwards. Winner. 

9. 43% of millennials choose Valentine’s Day to pop the big question so there’s quite a bit of anticipation followed by celebrations for friends and family. For professional florists this obviously means double the work and preparation because you can’t say ‘marry me’ or ‘happy Valentine’s’ quite like you can with beautiful roses. 

10. Let’s be honest, love has inspired some of history’s best books, films and artwork so in my book it’s worth celebrating whatever your circumstance. There’s really nothing more universal than love so here’s to you Valentine’s Day fans! 

If you need a little extra help in sharing the love this year, drop me a line. I’d like noting more than to help you create a special memory to cherish forever. Email donna@blendweddingstyling.co.uk or call 07305089985.